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Monday, October 11, 2004

UK: 16-year-old mother separated from baby at detention centre

From the Sunday Herald

THE controversy over the detention of asylum seekers at Dungavel has been re-ignited this week with the revelation that a 16-year-old mother has been separated from her 18-month-old baby after being detained along with her teenage brothers and sister. ...

The children’s commissioner described the situation as “hugely worrying”, while campaigners said it was “perverse” and “Kafkaesque”.

A Home Office spokesman confirmed to the Sunday Herald that the current policy is not to house children and families at the former prison, as what was once the families’ wing is currently occupied by single men . ...

Robina Qureshi, said: “The authorities are now telling children that they can’t have children at Dungavel – even as they detain them. How perverse can you get?

update: Free The Tinichigui Children Campaign


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