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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

UK: Kenny Peter - another death by detention

from National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns:

Kenny Peter died on Sunday 7th November 2004 in Charing Cross Hospital. There is some dispute as to wether he is from Liberia or Nigeria, there is no dispute that he was seeking asylum in the UK.

Kenny had been in Colnbrook Removal Centre and was in the Health Care Unit on or about the 19th October. While in the care of the Home Office he made a serious suicide attempt on his own life. He was taken to a local hospital but transferred to Charing Cross Hospital as he had suffered severe brain damage. Despite the best care of staff at the hospital they were unable to sustain Kenny's life.

Kenny was given Temporary Admission in July this year but not allowed to work and had no access to benefits. He was detained by Immigration in early October for working in breach of his entry conditions.

No dignity in life, No dignity in death

The HOPO have to date refused requests from NCADC for confirmation of the names and manner of deaths of two others who have recently died in removal centres:

Sergey Barnuyck, a Ukrainian , who allegedly died from selfharm in Harmondsworth Removal Centre on July the 19th 2004


Tung Wang, a Vietnamese, who also allegedly died from selfharm in Dungavel Removal Centre on July 24th 2004 .

NCADC would like to know if Kenny was on suicide watch as it is believed this was not his first attempt at selfharm. The standard response of the Home Office, that it does not comment on individual cases, is unacceptable. The deaths of people in their care is a matter of public concern, and if they refuse to respond to legitimate requests for information from concerned bodies such as NCADC , they should nonetheless put such information in the public domain.

Rosy Bremer from Bail for Immigration Detainees South, who work closely with detainees, and familiar with the case, on hearing of the death of Kenny said, "David Blunkett & Co. are directly responsible for this man's death'"

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