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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Malta: protest & escape attempt by detained immigrants

from Times of Malta:

Chaos reigned at Safi barracks yesterday after an estimated 120 illegal immigrants attempted to escape and proceeded to hold an impromptu protest.
The unrest started brewing on Thursday evening when several detainees began demanding freedom and protesting at the quality of food and toilet facilities at the barracks, according to AFM sources.

Realising that the situation might spiral out of control, the AFM took the necessary precautions and cordoned off the area during the night. Their fears were proven correct as about 120 illegal immigrants broke through a gate and charged out at 8 a.m. yesterday, holding a banner reading We Want Freedom, hoisted up by poles.

The AFM personnel on duty raised the alarm, scores of reinforcements were brought in and the illegal immigrants were rounded up before any could flee.

The detainees, mainly from the war-torn Congo, however, decided to stage a sit-in strike and demanded to speak to Refugees Commissioner Charles Buttigieg and Emigrants' Commission director Mgr Philip Calleja.

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