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Monday, October 18, 2004

Germany: Border police convicted over suffocation of Sudanese man during deporation


FRANKFURT – Three German border policemen who suffocated to death a Sudanese asylum seeker they were trying to deport received nine month suspended jail terms from a German court on Monday.

The Frankfurt court found the men guilty of bodily harm causing death, yet confined its harshest words for the border police service's "incompetence and carelessness" in not giving adequate training and not supervising the men.

The policemen bound the 30-year-old man's arms and legs with ropes, plastic and bandages and stuck a motorbike helmet on his head in an effort to put him on board a jet in 1999. The man had sought asylum in Germany, but his application had been rejected.

When the man cried out that he could not breathe, the policemen pressed his knees into his ribcage, Gehrke said. The man suffocated within minutes.

Sadly, the report does not name the man who died. Migrants are nameless, faceless, worthless.

Update: the man who died was Aamir Ageeb, age 30. More reports of the trial of those responsible for his death at
Probation in Trial Over Deportee's Death (Deutsche Welle)
Refugee died after being trussed up on aircraft (The Times)


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